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Renting Versus Buying: The Practical Truth

There are many factors to consider when considering renting versus buying a home. Chief among these can be your desired mobility. Indeed, suppose you anticipate your residence in a place to be short-term. In that case, renting does afford a greater degree of flexibility. And yet, as the availability of housing continues to grow tighter, […]

Saving to Buy a House: A 7-Step Guide

Saving for a new home is unlike any other savings experience. You’re not just filling a bank account and hitting a number. Instead, you’re preparing for what is likely the largest purchase of your life.  In a competitive housing market where bidding wars are common, you’ll want to have every advantage when saving for a […]

Make Sellers’ Agents Know You Are a Serious ...

How to Make Sellers’ Agents Know You Are a Serious Buyer Today’s housing market is experiencing increased competition. With lower housing inventory and fast-moving buyers, bidding wars and competitive offers have become more common. As a result, buyers may need to act more quickly to have an edge in this crowded landscape.  One way to […]

Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval: What’s t...

“You’ve Been Pre-Qualified!” We’ve all received mailers and emails letting us know that our finances are in good shape to buy a house. The message usually goes on to say that you’re a great potential customer to become a homeowner. After a pre-assessment of your finances, credit history, and earning potential, a lender has determined […]